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Easiest Online Form Builder

Peggy Forms is world's easiest online form builder to easily build your own simple or complex online forms and surveys. With almost endless possibilities and extensive customization options, you can build online forms and surveys that look and work the way you want.


Don't you want a webshop but you still need payments? With Peggy Forms you can integrate payments in your forms. With that, it is easy to sell any product or service like training programs and workshops. Use the price and payment field, set up your payment provider and you're ready to start selling.

"I needed three features for the forms to sell my trainings. First, payments, second, Mailchimp integration for my marketing automation, and third, customization. Peggy Forms has all these features and my forms where live in just a few minutes. "
Ruben – Seller of business trainings @ Golden Approach

Advanced and dynamic forms.

If you need advanced online forms and dynamic surveys then this online form builder and survey creator is the perfect tool for you. And to make your online forms more dynamic, responding to users input, you can use logic and rules.

With the very easy step-by-step settings your field rules are set with just a few clicks. With this even complex online forms are easy to build with Peggy Forms.

  • Images and videos
  • File uploads
  • Payments
  • Multi-page forms
  • Conditional logic
  • Repeating sections
  • Spam prevention with reCAPTCHA
  • Multiple statements for survey
  • Login for form authentication
  • Field layouts
  • Save and resume
  • Advanced validation
  • Advanced email delivery Learn more
  • Post webhook submit Learn more
  • Option limitations Learn more
  • Javascript API Learn more


Do you need surveys for your research or on your site? Peggy Forms has everything to build easy or complex surveys. With choices, multiple statements and conditional logic you can make any survey you need. On the dashboard you find all the statistics and submissions of your surveys and with a few clicks you can easily export them.

"I'm very happy that I've choosen to use Peggy forms for my surveys to find out which applications potential customers find interesting for the combination of my natural materials. "
Rob - Researcher natural materials


All online forms are fully responsive and therefore usable on any device. The submissions are also responsive. This gives you always and everywhere insight into your submissions.

Logic and rules.

Do you need interactive forms that respond based on the users input? With Peggy Forms you can use logic and rules to build very dynamic forms. With easy step-by-step settings your field rules are set with just a few clicks.

"Because our company also sells custom-made products, Peggy Forms was the perfect tool for our quotation configurator with the possibility to order and pay directly. "
Gert-Jan - Manager Operations @ GERU Systems

GDPR compliant.

Peggy Forms is developed and designed according the privacy-by-design principle. The collected data from the forms and surveys is also encrypted in our databases and backups of our databases are stored on a geographically different location. And fields that are set as 'Protected' will never be exposed outside Peggy Forms, even when such a field is targeted it will be ignored.