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Conditional logic and rules

With conditional logic and rules you can make your forms dynamic, responding to users input. With very easy step-by-step settings your field rules are set with just a few clicks. You can add as many rules and logicgroups as you need.

With the conditional logic and rules feature your forms are more dynamic and powerful than ever.


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How to | basic rules

For example we take the example form.

1. The form

We start with a simple form with 1 choice field and 2 lists:

Example conditional logic - step 1

As you might notice, we made the label of the 2 lists also dynamic. You can see that because the labels have a blue/green background. The labels will have the value of the choice field. So the user choose 'list of strentgh', the label will be also 'list of strength'.

Example conditional logic - step 2 - dynamic labels

2. Fieldrule

Now we add the following rule. We want to show the dropdown List of strength only if we chooose that option in the choice field.
So we start with adding a field-rule that says: show this field when all validationrules validates:

Example conditional logic - step 3 - field rules

3. Validationrules

Then we have to define the validationrule. For this purpose we only need 1 validationrule. Remember that you can add as many field rules and validation rules as you need.
Pick a dependent field and setup the validation rules very easily:

Example conditional logic - step 4 - validation rules

And thats all. We do the same for the dropdown List of speed, and the logic is created.

4. Result

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