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Inheriting rules

Inheriting rules makes simple censecutive rules more managable. For example, let's say that you have 3 choice fields in your form.

What we want is to make the Second Choice field only visible when First choice has a certain selection. That's easy right!

The same thing for the Last choice field. We want this field only visible if the Second choice field has a certain value. Also an easy to make rule.

Now, we actually want that the Last choice field also is hidden if the Second choice field is hidden by its rules. To manage this, we can 2 things:

  • Copy the rule of the Second choice field to the Last choice field by select the Last choice field, and click the Existing field rule button.
  • Or check the Chain rules option

If you enable the Chain rules option for the Last choice field, Peggy Forms will automatically apply the rules of the Second choice field on the Last choice field. In other, more universal, words: all the rules of all the fields where the selected field is dependent of will be applied on this selected field. This makes managing censecutive rules much more easy. Read more.

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