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Just customize it.

With a few click you can customize the entire design of your forms. Just pick a template or use the color presets and change the header image, background image, font options and much more.

  • Fully customizable templates
  • Customizable color presets
  • Unlimited colors
  • Customizable header image
  • Customizable background image
  • Choose fontstyles and sizes
  • Set label position
  • Customizable field padding
  • Customizable form width

Extensive customization

With Peggy Forms you can design your forms exactly the way you want. On that way the forms fit your corporate identity. You can change the colors, backgrounds, font-sizes, shadows and paddings with a few clicks.


And with the layouts feature you can place multiple fields in one row with the unique toolbar. And if you’ve made a nice set of field-elements, you can save it as a custom field set and use it everywhere in all your forms.

How to | Customization

For example we use a form where we sell a nice tasting event from wines out Southern France. Yes, we all love them. So, follow these steps where you want to add customization to your form:

We use some fields for personal details, two choices to select your personal tasting event and we directly want to accept the payments in this form.

1. Basics

First: build the form with all the fields you need.
Now go to the Design tab and then to the Textcolors tab. For an easy customization you only have to change the Primary and Secundary colors.

2. More text colors

You can also complete customize your forms to fit it to your needs or a corporate identity. Just select every element you want to change. For example the general text, field labels the text in input fields. For every element you can set the alpha between 0 and 1, like 0,1 for almost transparent or 0,8 for almost opaque.

3. Fontstyles

Switch to the Textstyle tab and make your preferred changes for the textstyles, like bold/italic etc.

4. Background colors

In the Backgrounds tab you can set several background colors for your form.

For example, set the page background to your primary color with an alpha of 0,1. Do the same with the input background and the input dropshadow but change the alpha of them to 0,2. Then set the input dropshadow focus also to the primary color and change the alpha to 0,4.

In the Backgrounds tab you can also add a page background image or a form background image instead of 1 color.

5. Headers

If you want to add a nice header to your form then switch to the Header tab and add a header title of just add a nice header image. And here it is. A complete customized and powerful form. Enjoy it!

If you don`t see the customization changes in the editor, select the Settings button right from the View in new tab button, on the left side of the editor. Make sure that the View theming and styling in editor sentence is selected.

6. Result


Are you convinced that Peggy Forms is the online form builder you absolutely need? Are you thrilled to build some amazing powerful forms? Then let us welcome you to the Peggy Family. Just sign yourself up and you're a proud member of it.

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