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All basic field types

Peggy Forms has all basic field types included. From single line and multiline textboxes to multiple addable text inputs, simple dividers and editable and tabled data.

  • Single line field for name, address, email, number and more
  • Multiline textbox field
  • Drop-down list field
  • Single choice and multiple choice field
  • HTML or text and information field
  • Simple divider and text divider field
  • Image/video

Advanced field types

The online form builder Peggy Forms comes with a lot of advanced fields and great features to make your online forms powerful, dynamic and very professional. Therefore we have fields for calculations, payments, embedded video’s, multi-page forms, conditional logic, repeating sections and much more.


  • File uploads
  • Payments
  • Image choicer
  • Multiple addable text inputs
  • Table data
  • Data grids 
  • Editable datagrids
  • Pagination for large forms
  • reCAPTCHA (from Google)
  • Address
  • Login for forms with authentication
  • Make surveys with multiple statements
  • Repeater
  • Ajax/HTTP proxy field


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