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Tons of features.

The online form builder and survey creator Peggy Forms comes with a great package of features to easily build very simple online forms or powerful and very professional online forms. The online form builder is easy to use by using Drag & Drop together with the great Visual Building feature. On that way you can create and build your online forms and surveys in no time at all.

The first reason to use Peggy Forms

Let’s say, for example, that you offer workshops or training courses. You have different workshops. A workshop for beginners will take about 2 hours and a workshop for experts about 4 hours. Because of that the workshops have a different price. And you have a maximum of 10 bookings for every workshop. And of course, only paid bookings are valid.


Can you make such flexible forms with the online form builder Peggy Forms?


Off course you can

The second reason.

For now, let’s say you are a developer and you need many customized online forms for your customers. There is a need that every online form has the same look al as the corporate identity. Therefore customization is very important for you.

Can you make such powerful online forms with the online form builder Peggy Forms?

Off course you can

The third reason

Let’s say, you are a researcher now and are in need of an incredible dynamic online survey. You need conditions in your online survey where a new question depends on the answer of another question. You also need more pages and multiple states in your online survey. And last but not least you need to export it as a CSV file to import it into Microsoft Excel or SPSS Statistics.


Can you make such dynamic online surveys with this online survey creator?


Off course you can

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