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REST hooks

Peggy Forms supports REST hooks to be able to connect with other web apps. To explain the basics we going to connect Peggy Forms with Google Sheet using the great tool Zapier. With Zapier you can connect thousands of web apps with each other. So in this example we connect Peggy Forms with Google Sheet.

For this example we assume that you already have an working account on Zapier

1. Using REST hooks to connect Peggy Forms with Google Sheet via Zapier

We start by finding the Peggy Forms app on Zapier

Debugging HTTP requests

2. Choose your trigger

Next, choose one of the supported triggers, like new submission or new payment.

Debugging HTTP requests

3. Continue

Continue by follow the next steps:

  • authenticate
  • choose your form
  • fetch a submission (be sure you have at least 1 submission for your form)


4. Choose the other app

For this example we want to connect with Google Sheet, so we search for sheet and choose the Google Sheet Zapp. Continue by follow the next steps:

  • choose your trigger (most common is Create Spreadsheet Row)
  • authenticate
  • choose your spreadsheet and worksheet (be sure your worksheet is ready Zapp-ing by defining the columns you want to fetch on row 1)


The last step is to connect fields from Peggy Forms to the specific columns in your sheet:

Debugging HTTP requests

5. Your Zapp is ready

After you complete all tests and steps, your setup is complete and your Zapp is ready to use. If you fill out your form and submit, you should see the data in your Google sheet now!

Debugging HTTP requests Debugging HTTP requests
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