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MailChimp is world’s leading marketing automation platform. With many great features MailChimp is the right tool for you to stay in contact with your visitors, prospects and customers. And with a very easy WYSIWYG editor you can create stunning email templates in minutes.

So, that is a tool we love. And therefore Peggy Forms provides fully integration with MailChimp.

How to

1. Set up the tags in MailChimp

First we add some *|MERGE|* tags in our MailChimp list settings. In the docs you can find exactly how you can do it.

Setup MailChimp

2. Set up Peggy Forms

Now we can assign the merge tags with fields in our form very easily. After setting our MailChimp API Key and select our target list with the merge tag, we can add one or more merge tags.
Because the email field is required, this is a seperate setting field.

Setup MailChimp mergetags in <strong>Peggy Forms</strong>

3. Result

On the moment the form is submitted, the submissions are added to your MailChimp list automaticaly, complete with your own custom merge tag. Cool!

Setup MailChimp mergetags in action