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Multi-page forms.

With multi-page forms your let users focus on specific sections in your forms. On that way you can split your forms into different pages.

Besides the pagination steps you can also add a progressbar and with the buttons users can switch between the different pages. And of course you can name the pages and the buttons that suits your form.

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How to | Multi-page forms

For example we use a survey form where we need multiple pages. Just follow these steps where you want to add multiple pages to your form:

1. Intro

We use in this form three pages: one page for the survey questions, one page for personal details and one thankyou page.

2. Prepairing the form for this tutorial

First we add the Multiple statements field from the Survey fields box into the form.

Set your settings in the Basic tab and add the statements and answers in the Content tab.

Just add all the field you need for your survey. For this example we add the Rating field from the same Survey fields box into the form.

Now we have all our survey questions added to this form. We need just some fields for the personal details.

Let’s add a name and email field from the Basic fields box into the form. You can use the single line textfield for this and then change the type of the field. We also advice to always activate the input validation for the email field in the Advanced tab.

Here we are. Our survey is complete. Now we only need to add multiple pages to the form.

3. Add pages

Add the New page field into the form. A Message from Peggy will appear. Click Yes if you want a progress bar into the form. And we want it for this example.

Now you can set your page titles on the Basic tab. You can also set a label for the thankyou page.

Drag the field with the Next page button on the place where you want to end the page and start a new page under the button. In the Basic tab you can select the button labels and you can select your preferred settings for alignment, size and color of the button.

That’s it. Just see how beautiful your survey looks with the View mode or view it in a new tab with the View in a new tab button.

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