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Powerful payments.

Payments are fully integrated in Peggy Forms. Payments are very useful when you, for example, need a form for a workshop or an event. With the Payments module you can easily integrate payments in your forms. Just enter the necessary settings from your payment provider and you are connected.

The amount of the payment can be set in different ways:

  • Using a fixed price
  • Depend it on another field element
  • Using a webservice or HTTP-request

With a multiplier-field and a discount field you can customize the payments even more. Ajust the discount in percentage that is based on the choice of the user or use a field for an amount of products.

We support now three payment providers, but we add more very soon. So far supported providers:

Paypal     MultiSafePay     Mollie

How to | Payments

For example we use a form where tickets are sold. Just follow these steps when you want accepting payments in your form.

1. The form

We start with a form with just one choice: the user can select a ticket for the first, second or third row.

2. Add payment

First we add the Payment field into the form. The payment field gives the user an overview of the costs.

Select your labels and settings in the Basic tab of the payment field. Don’t forget to select your payment provider. And on the bottom of the Payment box you find the additional fees where you can add, for example, a tax or handling costs to the payment. For this form we add a handling cost of 10% of the sub totals.

Go to the Email tab and fill in the fields where an email will be send when the payment is completed.

3. Add order lines / amounts

Now we have to populate this payment with order lines / amounts. To do this, add 1 or more Price fields to your form. This field will be shown in the editor but will be hidden on the form itself. It’s just a editor-field to configure your price.

There are 3 types of determining the amount of this price field: fixed, field dependent and dynamic.

  • Fixed: The most simple variant, just a static fixed amount.
  • Field dependent: If the amount needs to be dependent of a users choice (with for example a choice field)
  • Dynamic: If your business logic is too complex and you need to use your web API`s, use dynamic. This will make a HTTP request to determine the amount. You can pass any form field as parameter and on change of any of thos fields, the form will make a HTTP request to recalculate the amount. Only for developer plan.

Because the price of our form depends on users choice we select Field dependent by the Price type. Now the Depends on field option is visible. Select the Target button and select the field that you want to give it a price. After you done this the Payment details field is visible where you can add a price for every choice. Again: you can add as many Price fields as you need.

Now the only thing to do is to set your currency. You can find it on the General tab under Form and the in the Various box you find the Currency field where you can select your currency.

4. Activate your form

All done! Just activate your form and start earning.

5. Result

See another example form with payments: example

View this form


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