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How to create a coupon discount


For best understanding, please first read the following short article.

Keep your Match Value a secret

1. The form

We start with this very basic payment form with a price and discount fied:

Coupon code - step 1 - the form

2. The logic

Now we want only use that discount if the visitor knows and filled in the coupon code howto.

To do this, add a new field rule to your discount field with the action include. From now on, this discount is only included if this rule validates.

Coupon code - step 2 - the logic

To finish this rule, select the Coupon code field in your rule and define the Match Value 'howto':

Coupon code - step 3 - the logic

To make sure your visitors can never find this code, enable the option Protect this value. From now on, this rule is validated serverside and so your secret coupon code is never exposed to your visitors.

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