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Data encrypted.

We save al the collected data from the online web forms and surveys encrypted in our databases. That`s why you can collect sensitive information with confidence.

And to be sure that the data is safe and secure the backups are stored on a geographically different location than our databases.

Protect specific fields from exposing

Besides that all collected data is saved encrypted, you might want to prevent your data from exposing outside Peggy Forms.

When you mark a field as 'protected', this field will never appear in confirmation emails. And when you are using protected fields for any kind of HTTP request or webhook, you are required to use an secured url (https). Unsafe urls will be blocked. Essentially, your sensitive data can’t insecurely leave your account.

Use a login for your form

If you only want to grand access to your form for a select group of people, you can add a login field in your form. If you do, only people who enter the right credentials can access your form.

You can setup this very easily. Just add the login field to your form and enter the username and password.

You can also use dynamic data for the login to authenticate via your own webservice.

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