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Use Peggy Forms in Wordpress!

For seamless integration with Wordpress download our Wordpress plugin right from the wordpress-plugin site!

Download Wordpress plugin

You have to create an API key in your account settings to authorize the plugin.


Use the new icon in the toolbar of the texteditors, or use: [peggyforms key="YourFormKey"]

Note: use the formkey, not the formname. You can find your formkey in the editor under the Options panel. Go to the [Form] tab and select [General] in the left menu.

Options (advanced users). Add the following parameters to the shortcode.

Property Values Default Description Example
Propertyautofocus Valuestrue/false Defaulttrue Descriptionenable or disable focussing the first element at form-startup
(autofocus can cause unwanted pagescroll)
Propertystyle Valuesiframe/embed Defaultiframe Descriptionloads the form in an iframe or embed it seamlessly in the page Examplestyle="iframe"